Posting is an amazing community full of people like you looking to buy or sell something brilliant, re-home a pet, make a few pounds or promote their business. To make sure our community thrives we have to make sure that our ads are safe and don't fall below our minimum standards. All ads that don't could be edited/remove and we may pause your account while we investigate. If you have any questions, please get in touch for further advice.


Posting Guidelines:

All ads must be legal to sell in the India
All ads must have a valid email address and Indian postcode.
IMPORTANT: Please do not post your email address, telephone number or website in your ad, photo or email message. There are fields elsewhere for this and it may result in your account being automatically suspended.
Ads must be placed in an appropriate category, and services should not be placed in "for sale" categories.
Do not post duplicate ads. Your ad will appear in both local and national results.
No hate speech, violence, offensive/abusive language or ads targeting an individual or company.
If posting rewards for lost or stolen items be careful that you do not indicate that there would be "no questions asked" or offer immunity from prosecution as this is illegal under section 23 of the theft act 1968.
Family safety - restricted items & services:

No adult products or services. We take a zero tolerance to ads of any sexual nature whether implicit or explicit.
No pharmaceuticals, diet pills, alcohol or miracle cures.
No multi level marketing (MLM), get rich quick schemes.
No "jobs" that do not meet minimum wage or require a fee.
Finance products must be from regulated providers (I.e. no doorstep loans).
No hacked games consoles, pirated games or “replica” (fake) goods of any kind.
No adware/malware or illegal downloads (pirated content)
No bulk marketing lists (E.g. bulk SMS)
No knives or swords (including collectable/antique/militaria) or other offensive weapons including cross bows or archery equipment
No guns (of any kind, including air guns), shooting services including pest control, or any weaponry accessories.
Health & Beauty Services guidelines:

The following refers to people offering massage services and needs to be adhered to in order to make sure this section is kept professional and clean.

All massage ads posted in this section and other sections of the site are strictly non-refundable
Don’t discriminate – the service should be open to everyone.
Photos must be professional and not include body parts or be suggestive in any way
Keep it clean - we don’t allow adult or sexual services so if you have qualifications please mention them
We don’t allow free massages, or massages offered in exchange of another massage or service.
‘Massage wanted’ ads aren’t allowed.
We don’t allow Tantric, Nuru, Sensual, Body-to-Body or naturist massages. (list is not exclusive)
Pet advertising rules:

Please familiarize yourself with Free-ads policies regarding the advertising and re-homing of pets:

Please consider re-homing a rescue pet. There are many wonderful pets in need of adoption and a loving forever home. Remember a young pet needs lots of attention and an older animal can often be a better choice for many families.
No puppy or kitten may be re-homed before the age of 8 weeks.
No puppy or kitten under 6 months of age can be advertised for re-homing on our website by a 3rd party.
Puppies or kittens under the age of 6 months may only be listed by the breeder responsible for their mother (or rescue center if appropriate).
Pets should not be advertised for re-homing until they are fully weaned and are no longer dependent upon their parents.
All breeders of 3 or more litters in a 12 month period will be required to submit a local authority license.
Any licensed breeder who advertises a pet must include their local authority license number in the listing.
Any listing of puppies or kittens must include a picture of the birth parent, who must be available to view at the point of purchase.
Dogs should only have puppies once the mother is over 12 months old, only breed once a year and no more than 6 times in her lifetime.
Please do not offer to ship pets. 
Pets that require licenses for ownership & transport must be declared in the listing
We DO NOT allow puppy farms (more details on our fight to end puppy farming here). If you see someone you think could be breaking the law, please tell us. You will be taken seriously!
All third parties must include with each pet re-homed, written information detailing the animals five basic needs (as defined by the Animal Welfare Act)
No pets that are pregnant or lactating
No pets that have been subjected to tail docking and/or ear cropping
No wild animals including but not limited to; hedgehogs, ground squirrels or monkeys.
Pets cannot be advertised as available for swapping for other pets, goods or services in any form
All dogs must be micro-chipped and registered to their breeder prior to advertising them for re-homing
All adverts are moderated to ensure that banned breeds and prohibited species are not offered for sale through our website
Only pets currently located in the UK can be advertised for re-homing on our website


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