Best Places For Weekend Bike Rides From Bangalore

Best Places For Weekend Bike Rides From Bangalore

Bangalore is blessed with two things. One is the astonishing climate that Bangalore has which is never too hot or never overly cold. Secondly, Bangalore is blessed with plenty of staggering spots close by for your weekend trips. From hills, beaches, waterfalls, forts, lakes, wildlife, and so on and so on, Bangalore presents you with another objective for your next trip. Furthermore, going on a bike trip simply adds to the experience. Individuals expect these best bicycle trips from Bangalore as it draws the out-of-control youngsters in them.

Particularly for bikers, weekends mean another experience. After bustling through the week at work, everybody anticipates leaving the busy city life and going to explore what nature brings to the table. Whether it's a short breakfast ride close to the city or chomping on kilometers on the highway to arrive at one of those beautiful hill stations, bikers simply need a reason to go out on the interstate on their machines.

1. Nandi Hills (61 KM)

Nandi Hills is the first spot for any biker or anybody new to Bangalore. The bending and twisting streets on the trip are fun for any biker. The ocean of clouds you see once you arrive at the top is a delight to watch. Head out to Nandi hills for a speedy and short ride and experience the all-encompassing viewpoint on the fields down.

2. Shivanasamudra Falls (133 Kms)

Situated on the Kaveri river, Shivanasamudra falls is a silver fountain scenic waterfall. Located off the Mysore highway, this waterfall is a presence to watch in monsoons when the water is streaming through the rough banks of the Kaveri river. Do make sure to enjoy the delicious Maddur Vada on the way to the Shivanasamudra Falls.

3. Hogenakkal Falls (126 KM)

The thundering Hogenakkal Falls are also called the "Niagara Falls of India". These falls are framed on the Kaveri stream at the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu line. It is a major tourist spot as the Carbonatite rocks in this space are viewed as one of the most established of its sort. On the off chance that you end up visiting this spot, do attempt the nearby fish fry served here and also take a boat ride on the coracle boats for an astounding experience.

4. Bheemeshwari (103 KM)

Bheemeshwari is a green haven house located on the banks of the Kaveri waterway. Just a short ride of 100 Kms from Bangalore takes you to this lovely spot. You can evaluate some water sports here to get your adrenaline siphoning or go for a stroll amid the wilderness, this spot offers you an exceptionally serene time away from the clamoring city. Stay here for the night at one of the numerous wilderness lodges and enjoy the wildness of this spot.

5. Mysore (144 KM)

Mysore is a city with a rich history. The Mysore royal residence is one of India's most stupendous and marvelous palaces. The road to Mysore is typically busy over the day so beginning promptly in the day is prudent. A bike ride to the highest point of Chamundi hills in Mysore is sensational and the perspective of Mysore city from here at night is mesmerizing.

6. Sangama River Point (96 KM)

One more speedy ride from Bangalore takes you to this conjunction point of 2 significant waterways of Karnataka, River Kaveri, and River Arkavathi. Kanakapura street is a treat for the bikers as the streets are covered with greenery. Although the fact that it's a solitary street and has some traffic, still it makes up for it. The gushing water of the two streams meeting here clearing their path through the stone rocks makes a haze of mist, particularly in storms which is a sight to watch.

7. Avalabetta (92 KM)

Avalabetta is a little hillock located near Chikkaballapur. This sloping hill retreat makes for an ideal bike trip and is heaven for nature lovers. You can trek to the top and absorb the incredible scenes from a 10,000-foot viewpoint. The rough landscape and plant life all around make it one of the most mind-blowing bike trips from Bangalore.

8. Yelagiri (160 KM)

A little slope station situated in the laps of Eastern Ghats, Yelagiri is an ideal dream for bike trips. The twisties going up are a delight to ride on. There are around 12 hairpin twists as you start from the base of the hill. Stop at these hairpin twists and absorb the all-encompassing viewpoints on the areas underneath. You can likewise enjoy para-cruising at Yelagiri to get a few astonishing viewpoints. Journeying is likewise exceptionally well known here.

9. Mekedatu (101 kms)

Mekedatu is a town located in Kanakapura taluk in Karnataka. The name is simply a Kannada word meaning goat’s leap. Set up along the banks of the Kaveri River, it’s a perfect place just to relax and unwind yourself on a weekend. A short bike trip from Bangalore to Mekedatu is very enjoyable. It’s preferable to ride to this place in early winter as during this season the temperature ranges from 20-25 degree Celsius. Riding to Mekedatu counts as one of the best one-day bike trips from Bangalore.

10. Skandagiri (61 KM)

Located very close to Nandi hills, Skandagiri hill is a heaven for travelers and nature lovers. An exceptionally short ride from Bangalore drives you to this spot which is well known for its sunrise. Night treks are conducted here, particularly on full moon nights starting at 2 AM and watching the sunrise at its peak.

11. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary (130 KM)

Located very close to Nandi hills, Skandagiri hill is a heaven for travelers and nature lovers. An exceptionally short ride from Bangalore drives you to this spot which is well known for its sunrise. Night treks are conducted here, particularly on full moon nights starting at 2 AM and watching the sunrise at its peak.

12. Manchanabele Dam (35 KM)

Found quite near Bangalore, Manchanabele Dam is an entire short and speedy brave of Bangalore in the mornings. Based on the Arkavathi stream, this dam offers you an extraordinary spot close to Bangalore. You can also set up camp insight here and attempt other experience activities. Come by the Huge Banyan Tree on the way on your way here.

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