Explore 'Scotland of India’

Explore 'Scotland of India’

Coorg is called "Scotland of India" because its hills (Karkala, Savandurga, and Nodda) which are encompassed by coffee plantations make it look like a Scottish valley. They are with lush green mountains of foggy moving hills and miles of walking trails. Individuals often compare this area to Scotland because of its amazing natural beauty and cool climate.

The cloudy moving hills of Coorg have a certain delight that is difficult to stand up to. The delicate green slopes and how the fog attaches to the landscape make it seem to be a fantasy world. The foggy hills and miles of walking trails make it simple to lose yourself in the natural beauty of Coorg.

There is no doubt that the Coorg people have Celtic roots, as their customs and ritual reflect this legacy. They celebrate numerous celebrations like New Year's Day, Makar Sankranti, Ugadi, and Easter. Local people celebrate Christmas by lighting candles in their homes. The traditional dress of the Coorg is like that of Scottish Kilts. With interesting patterns and designs, the social dresses of Coorg are extraordinary and beautiful. The cooking of Coorg shares something practically speaking with Scottish food with dishes produced using pork and beef.

The Following are places you should visit in Coorg.

1. Abbey Falls:

Previously known as Jesse or Jessy Falls, located at a distance of eight kilometers from Madikeri town, Abbey Falls is one of the top tourist places in Coorg. Popular for its natural beauty, this pleasant waterfall is settled between the spice and coffee plantations. Fragrances of flavors and coffee alongside the coolness of air at Abbey Falls make it an exceptional spot to visit.

Abbey Falls attracts thousands of nature enthusiasts as well as picture takers and a large number of people in the year. Seeing flowing water from the level of around 20 meters encompassed by a few stunning views of greenery- makes people fall in love with this spot. Abbey Waterfalls is a mix of a few streams that fall together from a cliff and form a pool of water, which converges into the waterway Kaveri.

2. Mallalli Falls:

Mallalli Falls is one of the most mind-blowing spots to visit in Coorg for couples as well as people who love chasing waterfalls. The area of the waterfalls in the softer regions of Pushpagiri Hill Ranges makes it one of the astonishing trekking points in Coorg. It is situated at a good distance of 25 kilometers from Somwarpet, one of Coorg's taluks.

Mallalli Falls is River Kumaradhara dropping from Pushpagiri Peak over a level of around 60 meters. You can discover a few astounding scenes around the waterfall and trek through a few wonderful surroundings of nature. The best chance to visit this cascade is during the monsoon. You will find more greenery around the place this time.

3. Madikeri Fort:

Madikeri Fort is a 17th extremely old building, which has turned into a top vacation spot in Coorg. The fort represents a lavish verifiable and social foundation as it remains proof of a few fights. Madikeri Fort currently marches a historical center, which was before a church made in the Gothic style of architecture and has a royal residence inside it.

As history says, Madikeri Fort has been reconstructed a few times. It was first built in the last quarter of the 17th century. Then Tipu Sultan remade it once more and made it into a fort made of stones and blocks. It was renamed Jaffarabad by Tipu Sultan. On the other hand, it was remade by Lingarajendra Wodeyar II. The British additionally renovated it two times. They added a church in the spot of a temple, which was dedicated to Veerabhadra. The church has been changed into a gallery now, under the insurance of the protection of the Survey of India.

4. Dubare Elephant Camp:

Dubare Elephant Camp is the best travel destination in Coorg for natural life lovers. This elephant camp is a piece of a project undertaken by the Forest Department of the express that offers a unique chance to be near elephants and make a few memories with them. It attracts a huge number of travelers consistently from everywhere in the world.

Dubare Elephant Camp is located on the bank of the Kaveri River, encompassed by rich plant life. Already, the elephants in the camp were utilized to be trained for the Dussehra execution in Mysore. Presently, prepared by naturalists, they are used for jungle rides. People can find out about the nature, science, and history of the elephants in the camp.

5. Omkareshwara Temple:

Omkareshwara Temple was built in 1820 by King Lingarajendra II as an act of self-punishment. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is known here as Omkareshwara, and addresses a combined type of architecture- Gothic and Islamic.

Being a well-known tourist destination, Omkareshwara Temple draws in a lot of travelers of various beliefs all around the year. This historical temple includes a basement in the middle and the four corners of the temple are encircled by the bell tower. You can have a brief look at the god introduced close to the entry. Before the temple, there is a water tank, which is occupied by a variety of fish.

6. Tadiandamol Peak:

The highest raised peak of Coorg and the second-most elevated in the territory of Karnataka, Tadiandamol is one of the most loved objections in Coorg for travel dears. It is situated in the Southeast piece of Coorg at a level of 1,746 meters.

Trekking through the amazing paths of the hills towards Tadiandamol Peak offers a few captivating views of the environmental elements. The best time for traveling to this peak is during winter, between the long periods of December and May. However, one can also visit 33% of the path by jeeps to walk through the full length.

7. Kotebetta Peak:

Kotebetta is the third highest peak in the Coorg area after Tadiandamol and Brahmagiri. It is arranged at a level of 1,620 meters at the boundary between Coorg District and South Kannada District. Area-wise, the peak lies between Madikeri town and Somwarpet and can be effectively reached without hassle.

The name Kotebetta is derived from the word 'Kote Betta' which means Fort Hill. The peak looks to be a fort on the highest point of the hill, which is why it is named so. It offers an astounding journeying potentially open door to vacationers. The 10-kilometers-long trail from Hattihole to the peak offers a few stunning perspectives on the environmental elements and makes the journey more astounding. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the peak where the trail closes. It is better to trek to Kotebetta Peak during the months between October and March along with a travel guide.

8. Raja’s Seat:

Raja's Seat, in a real sense known as 'Seat of the Kings,' is a must-visit spot to add to the list of places in your Coorg travel plan. The place is located in Stuart Hill, Madikeri, and used to be a favorite of the Kings of Coorg. Raja's Seat is certainly a delightful spot to refresh yourself with the mesmerizing views of the valleys and soothing environment.

The scenic beauty and the calmness of the spot are past examination and make this spot an ideal spot for investing some energy with your friends and family. Raja's Seat is also one of those places in Coorg from where you can experience staggering perspectives on dawn and nightfall. It is presently changed over into a recreation area alongside a youngsters' entertainment segment, which makes it an ideal spot for a family outing.

9. Harangi Dam, Coorg:

An interesting fascinating spot, the Harangi dam is situated in the Hudgur town close to Kushalnagara of Coorg District. Built across the tributary of River Cauvery, the Harangi dam is the first dam that has been worked across River Cauvery. It has a height of 47 meters and a length of 846 meters creating a great view of forceful streams of water.

It is a good spot offering a few seclusion and protection as it is similarly less crowded. So, if you are searching for some break from the normal hustle and clamor of tourist places, Harangi dam is an ideal spot for you. The quiet setting and cool delicate breeze make your time considerably more pleasant. It is ideal to visit the dam during the long periods of August to September as the water is more and supply of the year.

10.Mandalpatti Trek, Coorg:

Found 4 km before Abbey Falls, Mandalpatti is a good way off of 25-30 km from Madikeri town. Offering amazing scenic beauty and perfect chances to be amidst the best of regular places, Mandalpatti has progressively become famous among travelers.

Found 4 km before Abbey Falls, Mandalpatti is a good way off of 25-30 km from Madikeri town. Offering amazing scenic beauty and perfect chances to be amidst the best of regular places, Mandalpatti has progressively become a favorite among visitors.

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