Amazing Waterfalls to explore while Trekking in Western Ghats of Karnataka.

Amazing Waterfalls to explore while Trekking in Western Ghats of Karnataka.

Karnataka is a beautiful place of various surprising and fascinating waterfalls in India, it is also home to a few of the highest waterfalls. Karnataka also has many hidden gems which are yet to be discovered and known to many people. The Western Ghats running on the side of the Arabian Sea additionally have diversified Flora and Fauna along with a thick covering of evergreen and tropical forests. The waterfalls like Jog falls, Shivanasamudra, Dudhsagar and Hogenakkal are the most visited here and have good access through roads, though there are many hidden waterfalls which must be arrived through a walk or a trip across the dense wildness in the protected forest reserve areas. The pleasure of taking a trek of 4 to 6 km inside the forests and witnessing a waterfall is precious. There are a couple of Waterfalls to be explored here, which require a trip to be taken to arrive at the waterfalls.

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1. Hidlumane Falls:

These are the waterfalls set amidst the dense forests and mountain peaks of Kodachadri in the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats. They are a series of 5 to 6 flowing waterfalls each falling from 50 to 70 feet. The whole fountain of the falls from 1 to 6 can trek with a few stretches that are steep and risky. The falls are situated close to Bellakka town which is close to Nittur and 15 km from Kollur. The falls are 150 feet high and have a pond where one can swim effectively in non-monsoon seasons. These sheltered waterfalls can be reached through trekking and have two routes from which they can be reached. One route is from Nittur and the other is from the Kodachadri route. The whole traveling course offers you a marvelous combination of Flora and Fauna alongside the best locales of thick overhangs and meadows to view.

2. Koosalli Falls:

The waterfalls are also called Koosalli, Abbigudde, Abbigundi, Gudanagundi, and Boorlagundi Falls. These waterfalls are likewise a social occasion of streaming falls that stream down outrageously into the base from a degree of 380 feet. This magnificent waterfall is situated in a deep forest close to Koosalli town, from where the journey starts to the waterfall. It is a 5 km journey one way to the falls and effectively takes 2 hours to arrive there. The journey is difficult because of the rough rocky forest areas which must pass through as far as possible from Koosalli (the town from where Koosalli waterfalls can be reached).

3. Kudumari / Chaktikal Water Falls:

This waterfall is also located in the same area where the Koosalli falls are located, it is another 2 km far from Koosalli Falls and is located in a town called Chaktikal, a waterfall which is also named after the village. This waterfall flows over 300 feet and has an amazing and lovely Koosalli waterfall. But the journey to this waterfall is difficult and you need to cross as far as possible from Koosalli to Chaktikal in a forest region. This can be mixed up with the Koosalli waterfall, visit only if you are physically fit.

4. Onake Abbi Water Falls:

Named after a long pole that is utilized to crush species, the cliff from which the waterfall spouts stands tall like an Onake. This waterfall is quite possibly the tallest waterfall that should be visible on the Western Ghats belt with a level of 450-500 feet and must be reached by traveling 5 to 6 km one way. The evergreen forests on the way are truly stunning and creatures like Sambhar, mouse deer, and civet can be spotted sometimes. The water falls into a natural pool at the base where one can take a quick dip in the water, however, one should be careful in monsoon about the power of the water which spouts down the fall. The last place where you can get some food is at the Agumbe bus stand.

5. Barkana Water Falls:

This is found 10kms from Agumbe in Shimoga district and leaps down from a height of 259 feet, It is one of the top 10 waterfalls in India. This is also a prime source of hydroelectricity in Karnataka. The name Barkana is derived from 'Barka' which means Mouse Deer referred to in the region. The trek to the waterfall is a bit tricky because of the thick dense forest and the steep tracks a regular interval you find on the way coming. This waterfall is more famous in the region of Agumbe than many other different falls and it is also closed sometimes due to safety reasons. One needs to get down at the Barkana road on the route from Agumbe to Sringeri and afterward trek the remaining miles to the waterfall.

6. Kudlu Theertha Water Falls:

This is also spelled as Koodlu Theertha Waterfalls and also called Sita falls and is located in the middle of the jungle of the Western Ghats in the Udupi district in a town called Hebri. This waterfall falls from a height of 126 feet directly into a natural pond below. It is also believed that the pond is blessed as numerous sages performed repentance ages ago here. There is additionally another little fall over this called Manga Theertha, which can't be reached because of sheer steepness and the name is given as no one reach, but monkeys can reach this point.

7. Shivaganga Water Falls:

This is a spectacular waterfall set amid the luscious green forests around the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The stream Sonda here falls from a level of 74 meters. A Ganesha temple can be found close to the waterfall which is arranged on a small island called Ganeshpal Island which is also one of the attractions close the way. The trip to the waterfall is daring and an incredible one to go on. The pond below is a very huge enormous and not proposed to swim here in that frame of water as it is deep because of the huge volume of water that jumps down the stream.

8. Shirley Water Falls:

Also called Shirale or Shirle waterfalls. This waterfall is located in the Yellapur taluk in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The ghat area is Arabail Ghat which has a hidden waterfall. Many tourists and explorers are unaware of these falls till now and one has to travel down a sloppy street of 4 km to arrive at the falls. This lovely flowed waterfall falls from a height of 100 meters. Even this fall isn't recommended to swim along as there are immense rocks around the regular lake underneath. It is a private fall set in the Areca Plantation and has an entry fee charge of 10 rs per head. One can also hire a jeep to the falls.

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